September 6, 2018

Co-Sleeping | The Benefits of Co-Sleeping for us

There have been many things that I have cherished from the time my son was an infant until he started to grow into a toddler with his own little personality, but the one that tugged my heartstrings the most was co-sleeping with him.

The extra snuggle time, the added warmth as he tucked his little body close to mine, and even the few hours extra that I somehow managed to get each night helped me tremendously through each one of the individual stages after bringing a baby home.

When it comes to the benefits of co-sleeping, there are too many to count, but there are a few that stand out more than the rest.

Healthy InfantsYes, your baby is healthy, or they wouldn’t have been sent home from the hospital with you, but you need to think about all the changes that they go through every single day. And, they have no clue how to cope with any of those changes, because they have never experienced them before! However, when you sleep with your little one, their temperatures, heart rates, and breathing will stay more stable, which will keep them healthy.

Independent InfantsNo, an infant is not going to be doing everything on their own, but if you sleep with them, they will have higher self-esteem in the future. That means that as your child gets older, they will do things on their own. In my case, this is definitely proving to be true, and I think it is because I was always there next to him in the middle of the night.

Infants Have Everything They Need and Mom Doesn’t Need to Get UpThis benefit is huge because as a mom I was up and down a million times a night. Each time I got up to tend to my crying baby, I lost even more sleep going to and from the bassinet worst yet if it was another bedroom.
When you are co-sleeping with your baby, you can simply comfort them, nurse them, or anything else without moving a muscle. That means the second your baby falls asleep, you can too!

Fewer TearsBabies cry a lot at times overnight, which is normal, but you can avoid some of those nighttime disruptions by co-sleeping. Your baby will sense that you are nearby, so they will settle down quickly when they do wake up in the middle of the night. Instead of fussing right away, they will feel you close by and settle down without much fuss.

Now, I have enjoyed these benefits so much with my little one, but I have to say that changing what sheets I used on my bed has made a world of difference for both my baby and me. Instead of laying on rough cotton sheets, I switched to soft, smooth microfiber sheets. These sheets have kept us warm during the cooler months and nice and comfortable during the hotter months of the year.
Linens and Hutch microfiber sheets are now one of my favorite co-sleeping benefits, with the exception of getting more sleep of course!

What're your thoughts on Co-Sleeping?Did you try it? I know some parents are adamant about having their beds to themselves but getting any extra sleep as a mom was a lot more important to me than fighting the battle of "no kids in our bed"


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