June 27, 2018

My thoughts on dated vs undated planners

passion planner academic vs dated

Every mama needs a to to-do-list. There are always a million things on our minds to get done and without writing it down, we get so overwhelmed trying to remember everything in our head, that every day we feel like we have accomplished nothing because we forgot to do some of the most important things.

passion planner compact vs classic

Being a mom is a never-ending cycle of trying to get things done, but we can find balance, and a simple to-do-list is a solution to the problem. There is psychology and motivation behind to-do-lists. It gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Not only does it signify that a project/task is over – it means that we have accomplished something. Each item was a challenge that was overcome, no matter how large or small. 

Motivation is the essential and irreplaceable element of success.
The digital age was supposed to put an end to paper – but nothing compares to writing stuff down.  I can always open a planner and pick up a pen. It's there and ready for me to jot down my thoughts while my phone is either dead, the memory is full or it is charging... haha... After all, cute stationery still makes us feel better and I can't get enough of cute pens, notebooks and, fancy stationery.
When choosing a planner, the features should align with your needs, lifestyle, goals, and personality. It should not only help you plan and prepare for the present and future but also inspire your need to accomplish those big things.

I have been searching for a cute planner that can match my personality for the longest while. I have purchased many many planners in the past, but only written in a few of the pages and then quit, only to realize that dated planners were not my style. Sadly everything else was just plain notebooks. No cute inspirational planner covers or themes.

passion planner academic vs dated

I recently came across the Kai and Pixie Lifestyle and Stationery brand of un-dated planners and notebooks and I was immediately obsessed! Un-dated planners are a great option that allows you to personalize when you start using your planner and continuing for as long as you need. Kai and Pixie have tastefully elegant products ranging from greetings cards, luxurious modern stationery, notebooks, gorgeous gifts & chic party accessories. Not to mention they are super affordable!

We all need and love cute motivational stationery. 
It will help to unleash your creative potential.

Here are some Benefits of Un-dated Planners:

  • Messing up in your planner can be frustrating especially if you’re a perfectionist. One of the benefits of using an undated planner is that if you mess up, you can easily start fresh on one of the un-dated pages!
  • You have as many lines to write out whatever task you wish.
  • You are the boss of your planner and can make it suit anything you need it for. 
  • They’re also great for personal projects like keeping track of your fitness journey or planning your wedding.
  • Miss planning for a week? No problem! You can start right back up and still use all the pages of your planner! 
  • Whatever your passion is, an un-dated planner is there for you!
Take a few minutes every night before going to bed and write down everything you would like to complete the next day. Put your most dreaded tasks at the top of the list so you can get those out of the way first.

Create a list that works for you. I like to keep my to-do list simple while others may like to keep their list very detailed because that works for them. 

There’s only so much time in a day and so much energy we have to get things done.
How is it possible to make time for everything?
It's not possible, so that is why you write it all down so you don't forget.

passion planner pdf undated sunday

Eventually, you will find that things that are cluttering up your mind and life remain at the bottom of your list, and you will feel so much more accomplished and productive every day. I promise that it is such a good feeling! I challenge you, my fellow busy mommas, get yourself some luxurious modern stationery to inspire you when you look at it every day and try writing out your to-do-lists for a couple weeks. I bet you it will be life changing!

Do you like cute stationery? What type of planner motivates you?